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Tour request: 4-day trip from Almaty: Altyn Emel, Charyn, Kolsai, Tamgaly

Hi, my name is Marcin. I will be travelling from Warsaw, Poland to Almaty next week with a friend. I would be interested in booking a 4-day tour/trip to Altyn Emel, Charyn Canyon, Kolsai lake & Kajyngdy, and Tamgaly. Would you be able to organize such tour (date: starting on Wednesday, 23 October) and could you tell me what would be the price for it for 2 persons?

[If possible you could list prices without and with accommodation during the trip]

Thank you in advance, looking forward to hearing from you! :) Best regards, Marcin

  • Travel Month: October 2019
  • Number of people: 2

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