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Question: Flights from London possible?

Hi, I'm interested in a tour to Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan or (most likely) both. I'm looking at your itineraries and very keen, but I am wondering if you can also help with flights from London? I can't see anything sensible but I know Turkmen Airlines is not on Skyscanner etc. Can you help? I'm looking at flying out to Ashgabat or Tashkent on 10 April and back on 19th, 2 people...thanks.

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Ahmet 8 months ago

Hello Mr. Ali.

There are several directed flights. The best choice is Birminghem-Ashgabat. 

Also you can discover transit flights via Turkey or Dubai. If it is impossible to buy or to book for you we can help you. Also we can offer a tour packages in lowest cost.






Davut 8 months ago

Good afternoon! The flight Birmingham - Ashgabat - Birmingham will be the most optimal for you. this direct flight leaves 10.04 from Birmingham and back 17.04. Visit my page, I think you will find there something that might interest you or write in a personal.


Ahmet 8 months ago



Unforunately no. 

Only cheapest way via Turkey or Moscow.

Kind Regards 



Sona 11 months ago

I would advice you fly first to Tashkent, then to Turkmenistan by land border from Bukhara or Shavat

Please feel free to contact me for any questions


Sona 11 months ago

Good day,

Thank you for your interest.

When you apply for a visa, it is required a tour package to Turkmenistan. 
The tour is compiled according to your personal interests and preferences.
In accordance with this price will be made. The price will include:

- visa support

- registration       

- insurance

- hotel accommodation

- excursions

- guide-translator

- transfer according to the program

For submission will be needed a scanned passport and photo, as well as fill out a form with personal data.

Please specify the dates when you are planning to visit and how long to stay in Turkmenistan.

Receiving an invitation letter takes up to 2 weeks.

Payment can be made upon arrival in cash (only US dollar and euro)

You can fly by Turkish airlines, Fly Dubai, S7, Belavia

If you have any questions please don't hesitate asking us.

Personal data form is attached.

Hope to hear from you soon

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