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Question: Share Tours to Altyn-Emel and/or Aksu Zhabagly

Hello. I am a solo traveller which is planning to travel to Altyn-Emel and/or Aksu Zhabagly National Parks around late-Oct and Early-Nov.

I would like to see if anyone is interested to share costs for a group tour, or if there is any existing groups i can join. Thanks a lot.

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Islam 9 months ago


I can organize memorable trip to Aksu Jabagly reserve to see juniper's forest and waterfall with accommodation in the yurt.

My service includes transfer,guidance,entrance fee,lunch boxes and water.



Samir 10 months ago

Hello!  My name is Samir.  I am a driver guide in Almaty.  I want to offer you fascinating tours of the picturesque places of Almaty region.  National parks: Altyn Emel, Charyn, Kolsai, Kayyndy, hot springs, waterfalls and rivers.  There are also cultural tours to South Kazakhstan: Shimkent, Taraz and Turkestan.  Aksu-Zhabagly National Park, Sauram Ugam, the historical mausoleum in the city of Turkestan, the ancient city of Otrar and much more.  The cost of my services is 130 dollars a car per day in the Almaty region and 180 dollars tours to South Kazakhstan.  The price includes transfer, driver guide, fuel, Internet and soft drinks.


Nina 10 months ago

 Hello, such tour to Altyn Emel will cost about $500.

Anton of Mangistau

Anton of Mangistau 10 months ago

Hallo!  I have trips of mangistau region.... sorri

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