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Question: Do i need LOI for infant

I hold Indian passport and will be travelling to kazakhstan in septem along with my family(wife and infant(< 2 yrs)). Do i need to get visa support number for all separately?

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Dmitriy 4 years ago

Dear Sir

You need to send us a passport copy for each person who is visiting Kazakhstan.
We will send you invoice for payment which is $175 USD per 1 person.
$175 x 3 persons = $525 USD

After payment is received it will take us 7 business days to prepare a LOI for you.

After that you will take the LOI to Embassy in New Delhi, will pay them about $30 USD per 1 person and they will issue the visa for you

Thank you


Dildabek 4 years ago

Dear Arijit,

unfortunately India is not in the lists of that countries, which do not need any Loi or visas.  That is why you and your family members need to have Lol and visa to visit Kazakhstan. You and your family members could be presented in one Loi of that company which is inviting you. It should be one visa support and one Loi for all of you. And of course, it should be one number of visa support for one Loi. 

Re cost of the fee for tourist visa in Kazak embassy it should be about 20 $ per person. You could check it on the site of Kazak MFA or in the embassy. Bon vouage. Dildabek


Dmitriy 4 years ago

Dear Sir Sorry your name was not posted Yes, each citizen of India needs a LOI to visit Kazakhstan even an infant. Cost is $175 USD per 1 person. You will also need to present infant notarized birth certificate to prove you are his parents. Thank you Best regards, Dmitriy

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