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Tour request: From Bukhara to Khiva and Nukus via Desert castles

Sorry this is the same request as the other, but this is stating the correct period: April 2020.


Day 1. We want to leave Bukhara in the afternoon and reach Khiva.

Day 2. visit Khiva.

Day 3. From Khiva to Nukus after visiting these places:

Ayaz-Kala Fortress - Koi Krylgan Kala - Guldursun Qal'a - Topraq-Kala - Kyzyl Qala

Day 4. Aral Sea highlights.

Please quote the trip without accommodation (will book where to sleep by myself). Language: English or Italian.

Please, quote the trip for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people (we are at leat in 2 persons but not sure for now how many people).

  • Travel Month: April 2020
  • Number of people: 5

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