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Question: Travel during Ramadan

Dear Friends

We are currently in touch with some guides for helping us getting our turkmenistan itinerary ready (thanks a lot already for the help!)

After our Turkmenistan itinerary (around first half of april next year) we want to continue in Azerbaijan, Georgia, East Turkey and maybe Iraqi Kurdistan. 

A big part of this travel would be during Ramadan, therefore my question how it is to travel in these countries during Ramadan (April/Mai 2020 -> Azerbaijan, East Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan). Any advice? Will we find restaurants during the day? Will tourist sights be open or are they maybe closed?


If someone could give us some advice or hints we gladly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot

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Nurlan 4 months ago


Azerbaijan is secular country, so in Ramadan most of the restaurants will open. Tourists sights as well.

I am livelice tour guide and private tour manager. If you need something else please let me know. It'll be a great pleasure to serve you.


Freidoun 4 months ago

Hi from Iran

I know that you dont have tour to iran just now but for extra information of you and friends i must say in ramadan in iran as other muslem countries travelers can eat inside of some resturamts and inside of hotels .

work time of sites are not vary with other days only during at dinner times the city is closed and very quiet but after one hour all parts of city be open and work more late of ordinary days at nights

i hope visit you in iran some day 

with regard

Freidoun  tour guide


Samir 4 months ago

Welcoming to Azerbaijan

As other friends commented about topic all are true . if you coming Ramadan you should book your hotel now . Other things will follow your request. 


have a nice day . 




Fuad 4 months ago

Dear Mr. Raphael

Greetings from Azerbaijan!!!

Travel during Ramadan is not different than the normal time.. Except Accomodation Rates (it could be higher than the normal season becasue of holiday) the rest of other things: Tourist destinations, museums, restaurants, shopping centers will be open & active..

 There is only positive impacts of Ramadan Holiday on tourism sphere of Azerbaijan.We are Muslim country but at the same time Azerbaijan is the Tolerant country.

I am always ready to assist you anytime. For any question you can get in touch without hesitation.




Nurana 4 months ago

Greetings from Azerbaijan, 

Kindly ask you to be informed that all restaurants are open, and you can find nice halal food in. 

To your question about sights - Will tourist sights be open or are they maybe closed?

Yes, all museums and attractions will be open. 

Usually on Monday, museums are closed. 

Best Regards, 


Tour guide 

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