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Looking for travel fellows: Looking for a travel fellow in Kazakhstan! 19,female

Hey there! 

I'm 19 and female, looking for a person or more people to travell Kazakhstan! (: 

I'm free from the 1st - 23rd June! In that time we could travel Kazakhstan (: either the whole 23days or also just for 2weeks 

I'd like to see as well as the cities but also the beautiful nature Kazakhstan offers 

other then that, I'm very open and don't have any specific things I want to see

Best regards! 

  • Travel Month: June 2017

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Aray 3 years ago

Hi, Cibek

If you want to see the sightseeings of South Kazakhstan, and to  be accuainted with local people and cousin I can help you. When I was in Berlin , I faced with such cituation. So, welcome)


Dameli 3 years ago

 Dear Cibek

We are so many and so different! If you go to Musecafe you'll meet Axelle, Peter and Charlie. They work in international school, Axelle is a Frenchwoman. Peter's from New Zealand and Charlie is from Southern Africa. If you join my younger friends, they all are Kazakhs and Russians, but most of them are so cool you'll fall in love with them ;) Kirill used to live in Canada, Azamat in USA. Did I tell you, that they are all artistic and intelligent? :)

Kind regards, Dameli


Atrau 3 years ago


You can also visit Expo 2017 in Astana)))

I offer night excursions in Astana


Islam 3 years ago

 Hello Cibek!

I can organize amazing and memorable trip on own jeep around South Kazakhstan to see medieval mosques,madrassa,sufi retreat,mountains,canyon,river forest,waterfall,caves,stone painting, stone's fortresses,ancient necropolis and mausoleums.

Take care.



Cibek 3 years ago

Hey there Demeli! I'm so glad for your reply (: 

Your offer sounds great! I'd love to get to know you guys! How many are you and are you only girls or is it a mixed group? And how long would you travell and all? Well as I said I'm 19 and my name is Cibek. I'm actually also Kazakh but was born and raised in Germany, I'v never been to Kazakhstan and it's my biggest wish to see my roots. I speak German, Englisch and Turkish (: Just finished school and I'm in my gap year atm, about to study at the end of this year (: 

that's from my side, and you guys? 



Dameli 3 years ago

Hello, dear Cibek!

How are you? I'd like to help you explore Almaty in every little detail that would be interesting to you :) We may have a wonderful time together, with my friends who also travel in Kazakhstan. They even can help you in riding horses and hiking mountains. To make it more various sometimes we go out to Musecafe to listen to life music. Come join us! We would be very glad!

Kindest wishes, Dameli

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