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Question: Tour Car: Jeep or Russian van?

Choosing the right tour car is an important part of your trip to Mongolia. What is your opinion? Why?


Jeep (e.g. Land Cruiser)
  • Comfortable
  • AC
  • Speed
  • Larger windows


Russian van (UAZ Buhanka)
  • More Space
  • Goes everywhere
  • Mechanic - can be fixed
  • Mongolia experience



Replies (6)


Tamir 3 years ago

Russian van has more space but it has no airconditioner,not comfortable and hard to driving

Jeep cars are so comfortable and has an airconditioner,off-roads and more.


Tamir 3 years ago

Have been traveling many cars. UAZ 452 is a beast but terribly uncomfortable even when it's equipped for more comfort. Lexus and other modern SUVs like LC200 are good, nice but too expensive to hire and not good for water (as i experienced). Hyundai Starex is also a choice but it manages to get repaired something at least once in a trip.

Finally, in my opinion LC J80's are best car for traveling in Mongolia. Comfortable, drives everywhere. convenient for two person trip. But your choice of vehicle really depend on your number of people in the group, where to drive, size of your luggages. Mitsubishi Delica is also a good choice. 


Khanat 3 years ago

Russian van:

- more space,

- new or 5-10 years old,

- Mongolians experienced 

Jeep or landcruisers:

- comfortable,

- too old 10- 20 years

Hogy and our team

Hogy and our team 3 years ago

Russian van is the best!


Sara 2 years ago

Most of european hate russian van 'cause they are really unconfortable and look like very old, they smell of gas and no air conditioning. UAZ and Toyota Jeep are better but you cant carry too many people, and tour become more expensive. There is no better choise, depend by client budget and needs. 


Crystal 3 years ago

Russian van is the best for the rural area heavy road and crossing the river. it has more space.

Jeep cars are so comfortable and have good air conditioner

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