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Looking for travel fellows: French couple in Almaty region 26/07 - 31/07

Hello, We (a french couple 28y) will be in Kazakhstan for a few days at the very end of July, we are looking to see the nature in South Kazakhstan and would like to share a trip with fellow. 

In mind: Charyn Canyon

Singing dune

Aktau Mountains

And Assy plateau or other plateau or Steppe of interest to see sme semi nomadic Kazakh and eagle hunting. 

Please let me know if you are also at the same time there 

Best regards

  • Travel Month: July 2017

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Nadejda 3 years ago

Dear Arthur!
I want to advise you to make a track through Assy Plateau and go to Bartogai Reservoir, so it will be corect . Then go to the Charyn canyons and then to the Singing Dunes and the mountains of Aktau and Katutau.
So you will see all the power and expanse of the Kazakh nature.

We can also organize a demonstration hunting with a golden eagle on a hare and lunch in a national yurt with national food.

our company have a raft- camping near Plateau and Cyarun Canyon, there you can see hunting show

for this trip you spend around 4 days

Best regards


aigerimsugurbekova 3 years ago

Hi Arthur! 

Will you visit only Almaty region or you will also be able to come to Shymkent (South Kazakhstan region)? if yes, I can offer you some interesting tours including historical sights such as Turkestan, hodzha akhmet yassawi mausoleum (which is under UNESCO protection), ethno village ALASH where you can plug into the atmosphere of the historrical background and carry away to the ethno cultural environment of the age of nomads, as well as ancient cities of otyrar and the nature of south kazakhstan like Borolday mountains, where you will be able to see petroglyphs

So if you are interested let me know :)

Thank you!

Best regards,


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