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Question: Tash Rabat from Bishkek

What's the best way to get to Tash Rabat ? Is it possible to visit the caravanserai independently, or is a guide required? Possible to do the round trip from Bishkek in 2-3 days? 

Thanks for your help!

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Fabien 3 years ago

 Hi Mary,

As Azamat and Serguey told, i'ts possible to do it in 3 days (2 nights). But you will spend your time and your money in transportation... Please consider the driving times:

Bishkek - Son Kul = 5h

Son Kul - Tash Rabat = 5h15min

Tash Rabat - Bishkek = 6h30min - 7h

Moreover consider the altitude of Son Kul (3016m and Tash Rabat 3200m). Depending your organism, you can feel dizzy because of altitude if you come straight from Bishkek to Son Kul. It's common to have people feel sick at Son Kul when they arrive straight from Bishkek. This is not recommended. You should spent at least one night at Issyk Kul or in Kochkor before going to Son Kul, unless you are already acclimated.

I would rather suggest for 3 days to do Bishkek - Southern shore Issyk Kul (skazka canyon)- Son Kul - Bishkek. If you definitely want to go to Tash Rabat, then do it in 4 days.

Have a nice day ahead,

Nomadically yours,



Marat 3 years ago

I am just came from Son-Kul to Kaji-Say and it's ok for any changes Like Tash-Rabat and than Son-Kul or reverse.

Please see my profile and send a private message. Thank you


Azamat 3 years ago


I agree with Sergey. To Song-kul lake we can drive through Kalmak pass, from Song-kul lake we will drive through the Moldo pass then through the Melis pass to tash-rabat. From tash rabat to Bishkek, so your trip will be round trip, not with the same road.

Those three passes are different from each other, not same.

If your interested just send a private message.




Sergey 3 years ago

Hi,  there is no public transportation to Tash Rabat,  I would advice you to spend one night on Son kul lake,  and second night on Tash Rabat,  and we can visit some other nice places on the way. 

Thank you. 


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