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Question: Address in Tajikistan for requesting eVisa

Hello everybody.

Some friends and I are travelling to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan this summer. 

We are now about to request the Tajik Visa through the website evisa.tj. 

One of the requested field is Address in Tajikistan, where we are supposed to write where we will be staying. 

Since our is gonna be a driving trip and we still don't know exactly were we are gonna sleep, is it fine to just insert an address of a random hostel for example? Or should we be careful and use an address of some place we actually booked?

Thanks in advance!



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Turat 3 years ago

Hello Marko.

My name is Turat.

I'm a guide and driver of the Pamir Highway, I have a Toyota Land Cruiser car 80. If you get a visa for TajiKistan and a permit for GBAO? For a trip to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, will I arrange a tour for you ?. At the expense of the hotel and food do not worry on the road arrange for you to spend the night hotel, Guesthouse or Homestay? How will it be convenient for you? My price for 1km 0.65cent. For 1 day 15 $. What month are you planning to come? And for how many days? If you have any questions or suggestions, write?

Best regards


Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 3 years ago

Hi Marco, 

You are supposed to put the address of the place you're planning to stay at, but plans may change ! So go ahead and put whatever address you have for now, they're not picky on this issue. I do this all the time.


Ati 1 years ago

For Visa support, please visit iVisa.com


Marian 3 years ago

Any address is fine. 


Eraj 3 years ago

make electronic visa online. www.evisa.tj 


Marco 3 years ago

 Thank you everyone for the informations and for the offers, although we are not looking for a guide.


Shaydullo 3 years ago

Hi I can help you no problem  which mounth you will come?

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