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Question: Selling mountainbikes in Dushanbe


We are cycling from Kyrgyzstan through Tajikistan, ending in Dushanbe.
Our next destination is Uzbekistan, but we won’t be cycling there.
So we are looking to sell our bikes in Dushanbe.

We will have 2 "Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29" mountainbikes. Brand new for this trip.
Wheel size 29" and frame size M (17") and L (19").

Fully equiped with rack and bags.
Spare parts (extra inner tires, outer tires, spokes, etc) availabe in case we haven't used them on our trip.

 We should arrive in Dushanbe somewhere in the end of august (21/08 – 31/08)

If anybody is interested, don’t hesitate to send me a PM for more information.

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Hans 2 years ago



Hans 3 years ago

Hello everybody,

If anybody is interested in bikes, but the price ($450/bike) is too high. Don't hesitate to make us an offer.

Kind regards,


Hans 3 years ago

Retail price (including bags, racks, spare parts) is around $750 per bike.
So we're looking for $450 per bike. 
Feel free to contact me for more information, details or price.


Alovaddin 3 years ago


I might be interested in buying them. how much they cost?

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