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Question: How can we be volunteer in Kyrgyzstan

Hello ! My name is Antoine, I and Debora are two travelers respectively French and British, having a trip in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, in august and September 2017. 

We are looking for a place to be volunteer in Kyrgyzstan for some weeks sharing time with the locals to discover their culture, having fun, and helping projects by the same case.  We are a dynamic couple in love for mountains and nature, also, I`m trying to contact the yurt camp in Naryn province. 

I`m vegetable grower and Debbie is a very good English teacher. We would be happy if we can help in any way with our skills.  So if you know a place needing help and can provide some accommodations, please let us know. 

Our best regards  Antoine and Debbie

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Aigulu 3 years ago

Dear Antoine, my name is Aigulu, me and my family run a guest house and trekking company in Karakol. I was looking for volunteers for my new property in Karakol town, we almost finished with building our coffee shop and have put some Yurts. If you are interested you are welocme to live in our Yurt and teach us for making right coffee. We have also plenty of place in the garden for garden works.




Alex 3 years ago

Dear Antonie,

It's nice to meet you and to give you some advice about being a volunteer here in Kyrgyzstan.  I was a Peace Corps Volunteer here for 27 months and I know a few great originations you could assist.  I was a volunteer in Karakol and then in Bishkek.  

I would recommend learning as much Russian as possible before you come!  I would also recommend volunteering in Karakol, Arslanbob, Osh, Alay.  There is many places that would be happy to take a volunteer but don't forget that you could be taking the job of a local.  If you are working at the Yurt camps in Song-Kol or in Tash-Rabat its cool and fun, but you might be taking the job of a local.  

Regarding a free place to stay it's hard to say.  Local NGO's do not have so much extra money to spend on someone they do not know and the salaries of most local people equals the cost to rent a place.  I would make sure you understand what you’re getting into.  Read as much as possible on line about volunteer here in Kyrgyzstan, I know there is not much written. 

If you need some advice about places to volunteer send me a private message and I can give you some advice of places.




Sergei 8 months ago

Youth Volunteer Organization "Leadership"  Karakol, Issyk-Kul oblast, Kyrgyzstan

The youth volunteer organization "Leadership" works/covers Karakol town, Issyk-Kul oblast and the whole country, in general, with its activities.
Youth Volunteer Organization “Leadership” is a non-profit organization bringing together young volunteers with the mission of involving youth in civil society through volunteerism, project design and cooperation both locally and internationally.
Year of establishment and history of YVO “Leadership”.
YVO “Leadership” was founded on November 1, 2005 as a youth volunteer organization under the auspices of the Public Association Leader, a center of civic society initiatives.


Mission of the organization: Involving of youth in process of civil society building and development through trainings, realization of projects, programs and propagation of volunteerism ideas by interaction and cooperation with international and local volunteer organizations. YVO “Leadership” has three main programs: International Volunteer Exchange Program, Kids Helping Kids, School of Civics.
Vision: The YVO "Leadership" is a professional organization in the fields of youth capacity-building and volunteer movement at the international level.
Goal: To create a sustainable environment for youth and volunteerism development through interaction with various stakeholders.



Kuba 3 years ago

Hi Antoine, 

Would you like stay tougether or separatley during in Kirgizstan ?




Antoine 3 years ago

Wouah! That sound to be a good plan ! ^^ 

I'm not expert in coffee making but for sure Debbie is !

And As you can imagine I would be more than happy to help you for the Garden! ^^ 

how can I contact you ?


Antoine 3 years ago

Hi! We would like to be volunteering at the same place, but if we have two different job it wouldn't be an issue ! 

Also, I should precise that we are in couple


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