Looking for travel fellows: Anyone wants to travel around Mongolia?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone would be available and would like to travel around Mongolia from the 14th of October till the 28th of October unfortunately things came up and 4 of my friends had to cancel :(

  • Travel Month: October 2017

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Fahed 10 months ago

Jolet did you get the itinerary I sent you over what I'm hoping to do in Mongolia..?


Jolet 10 months ago


What tour(s) did you book Fahed? Did you already make plans? I might be available but I can not confirm yet. Also it depends on what you are proposing. 

I am anthusiastic about Mongolia! I am sure there is so much to see and experience there!

Regards, J.


Fahed 11 months ago

 Shashank that's a shame I'll be there on the 14th of October till the 28th


shashank 11 months ago

I am traveling to mongolia between 30th sep to 7th october.

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