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Question: Kazarman to Saimaluu-Tash


We are arriving at kazarman on the 19/07. We have 1 day to visit Saimaluu-Tash. What are the best and cheapest options to do so? Is it possible without guide? 

Kind regards, Alex and Melo 

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Alex 3 years ago

Dear Alexandre,

It's nice to meet you and to offer you a great tour here in Kyrgyzstan! There is so much to see and do here! You will love it!

Going to Saimaluu-Tash is a wild place full of adventure and I think it's a must see place, here in Kyrgyzstan.  It's not easy to get to!  The best places are deep in the mountains and far away from groups of people.  If you plan to see Saimaluu-Tash be ready for all day tour from sunrise to sunset.  It's not an easy place to find on your own and I would say it's impossible to find on your own.  Be ready to go treking all day or spend 2 days and do it on horseback.  You have to be ready for bad weather also.  This part of Kyrgyzstan the weather can be a bit wild.  

If you have questions about tours here in Kyrgyzstan let me know how I can help you.  



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