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Question: Independence Day celebrations around Ishkashim-Langar


anyone has had any good program recommendation for Independence Day in Iskhashim-langar on 9th of September?

also maybe a buz kashi game that you know of?



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Ardasher 2 years ago

Hi Orsolya,

The holidays in Tajikistan usually take place in cities or region centres.

This year the main game of Buzkashi will take place in Vanj village, Dushanbe and Hisor so you can visit them. In Pamir buzkashi is not such popular as in the west sides of Tajikistan. But if during your trip in Navruz holiday you are planing to be in GBAO I advise you to visit Gushtingiri game (wrestling). It also will be interesting.



Ibrahim 2 years ago

Hi Orsolya,

Usually celebration of Independence day takes place in Khorog not in the small villages like Langar. 

Regarding the buzkashi, usually it rarely takes place in the Pamirs. Normally we have this game either in winter or beginning of spring in the rest regions of Tajikistan. 

Best, Ibrahim

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