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Question: Driver from Osh to Song Kul

This is quite tight, but I need a driver for 2 days to go from Osh to Song Kul departure in Aug 5

If someone is interested, just let me know.

Thanks a lot for uour help.

Best regards


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Nurlan 3 years ago

Hello Emy,

We can arrange a car for you from Osh to Songkul via Kazarman. You can stay one night in Kazarman.

The transport service is cost $ 250 usd for 2 days.


Looking forward from you soon.

Best regards,



Talant 3 years ago

 I can do it on 5 on 5th of August. It is 500 USD 


Amin 3 years ago

Hello i can orgonize the trip

Price $ 309

globuslanding 3 years ago


I can do it only on 6th. anad it will cost about 700$. why so much? coz I will depart from Bishkek.


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