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Question: From Osh to Songkol lake


we are planning to go to Song-Köl from Osh on the 13rd August. We would like to stay at least one night by the lake in a yurt. What kind of itinerary you recommend for this trip and how much it would cost? 

Please send a private message with your offer.

Best regards,

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Talant 3 years ago

Hi Fabio, 

It is usually tw days trip to get to Songkol from Osh city. Let us make a itinerary for you. 

Day 1. Drive from Osh city to Kazarman, 5-6 hours. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse. Nice mountains on the way to take photos and take a short walk.

Day 2. Drive to Songkol lake, 6-7 hours. Nice mountains on the way to take photos and take a short walk. Dinner and overnight in Songkol lake.

Day 3. Options:

- You can go to Bishkek on this day

- Stay one more day at Songkol lake

- Do two days horseback tour or trekking from Songkol to Kyzart village 

Please, let me know if you have any questions. 


Bakyt 3 years ago

4wd car from osh to sonkol with one or two night stop. finish place would be kochkor or Bishkek 


Anvar 3 years ago

Dear Fabio,

Thank you for the letter and request.

We will be glad to offer you our service.

As it is not possible to drive from Osh to Son-Kul in one day, we can offer you the following:

Day 1 Transfer from Osh to Kazarman (280 km, 5-6 hours of driving) with accommodation in the family

Day 2 Kazarman Son -Kul (300 km, 5-6 hours of driving) with accommodation in the yurt

Kindly note, there is no  regular transport from Osh to Son-Kul, in this case you need a pivate transport. Private transport will be a little bit expensive because you have to pay for car for both sides, Osh-Son- kul, Son -Kul-Osh. Moreover, please take care of your food.

We also can offer you the whole tour propasal if you need. In this case let us know what places you want to visit, and we can offer you the program.



Amin 3 years ago

Hello my car LÉND CRYSER 


Kubanych 3 years ago

Osh-Uzgen-Arslanbab-Sary chelek-Sonkol-Yssyk kol-Bishkek


Day 1

Osh Arslanbab. Along the way, tour of the Uzgen minaret and mausoleum, dinner organization (Uzgen plov).

Accommodation in the guest house, dinner at the guest house.

Tour of the Arslanbab. Showing mountain walnut forests. Horseback riding to the small and big waterfalls.

Rest in Arslanbab.


Arslanbab- Sary Chelek. Accomodation in a guest house in the Arkit area. Tour of the area Arkit. Dinner organization at the guest house.

A walk along Sary-Chelek. Showing Lake Sary- Chelek organization boats on the lake, museum display.

Day 3 

Transfer to Toktogul.

Valley Suusamyr Chichkan gorge It-Agar, lake, Toktogul reservoir.

Accommodation in a hotel or guest house.


Transfer to Son-Kul Lake through the pass Karakeche.

Accommodation in a yurt,dinner organization.

Day 5

A walk around the lake Son-Kul, the organization of the national dishes dinner in a yurt.

Transfer to Kochkor, accommodation in guest house.

Day 6

Kochkor - Bishkek.

Accommodation in guest house.


Marsbek 3 years ago


I am  KG guide and driver 

From Osh to Song Kol lake drive via Kazarman pass better then anothe road, very good landscape on top of pass, and stay one night in Kazarman village (guest house), next day drive to Song Kol lake via Kara Koo  and Moldo passes, also very good views. In Son Kol lake yurt camp, horseback trek

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