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Question: Lake Kaindy access

Hello is Lake Kaindy accessible by car? I was told you need to hire a few hours to reach it?

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Jean-Jacques 4 years ago

I was up there last July. You need to contact a driver agency in Almaty owning a 4x4 car because the bridge for the crossing of the Koyandi river was damaged and the car needed to cross one meter deep river. And some part of the trail is him I'd an muddy.


Talgat 4 years ago

Hello, you need a high car, like 4*4, we can organize your tour to lake Kayindi.


Janar 4 years ago

You will go to the Kolsai lare National Park by car. But Kaindy lake is accesible only by walking or horse ride. 



Dinmukhamed 4 years ago

just get a car with high clearance


Dmitriy 4 years ago

Yes.But only strong 4WD .From Almaty-around 6 hours to reach it.One way.And the weather must be dry- last cut of the way (12 km) is hard enough even  if  weather is perfect. Even with my Toyota Prado -when raining-risk is very high.


Islam 4 years ago

I live in another region as South Kazakhstan and I can organize any interesting trip to nature included spring lake and alp lake but not in Almaty.

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