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Question: Is Kyrgyzstan safe for female solo travellers?

What is your opinion?

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Alex 4 years ago

I have been living and working here for the last three years and it's very very uncommon for backpackers or tourists to have any problems with safety in Kyrgyzstan.  Kyrgyzstan / Bishkek is not like Europe, I would not go out late at night without a local friend and I would always ask the cafe to order you're a taxi vs just finding a taxi on the street.

The most dangerous part of Kyrgyzstan is the mountains.  This is not Switzerland or the Rockies, don't forget how high you are in the mountains!  Above 3000 m most people struggle to run up the mountains make sure to lower your expectations in the mountains.  Most of the mountain passes in Kyrgyzstan are around 4000 m. Make sure you have good waterproof trekking boots, gloves, waterproof tent, a nice sleeping bag / mat and a hat.  Don't forget, sun cream, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes when there is no water to wash your hands. 

Tips to stay safe:

-              Always have the phone number and address of your hostel / B&B (You can book a self-guided tour with all accommodations booked in your name with 24 help) 

-              Get a multi-language book, English, Russian, Kyrgyz very few people here speak English. (I can give you one for free.)

-              Bring the right equipment with you for your tour in the mountains. (If you need to rent tents, sleeping bags, gas stoves, jackets, or any type of camping equipment I know where you can rent.) 

-              For transpiration always call a taxi company vs. just hiring a car from the street. (In Bishkek there is a few taxi companies that are working well and in the village ask your guesthouse for a good driver.)

-              Make sure to always think about food safety.  Many people come to Kyrgyzstan and they get sick from the food and the lack of clean toilets / hand washing places.  (Plan ahead with good hand sanitizer)

*Don’t forget you’re a guest in Kyrgyzstan and an ambassador of your country and people. Don’t make an a** of yourself.


Aigul 4 years ago

yes, it is safe.


Abdilla 4 years ago

Kyrgyzstan is safe for all travellers:

See this Blog post in Indy Guide: Is it safe?



Marsbek 4 years ago

yes safe with guide and translator KG very safty and hospytality country 


Regina 4 years ago

Kyrgyz people have a woman always respected and honored. There is absolutely safe. Do not wear any hats or long garments, such as in Iran. The people are very hospitable and always glad to its guests. Be sure to take a guide-interpreter who will accompany you.




Kubanych 4 years ago

Yes 100% safe


Daniyar 4 years ago

Yes, it is safe and people are very hopitality


Talgat 4 years ago

Hello! Yes, it is safe with us everywhere


Dulat 4 years ago

Yes of course it's safe 


Sergey 4 years ago

1000% safe 


Saltanat 4 years ago


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