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Question: Kyrgyzstan: Silent retreat, meditation centre to stay in

I am visiting for 3 weeks from 7th-28th october and am looking for a retreat to stay in quiet contemplation for the time.  Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks


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Sergey 3 years ago

Hi Tom,

I would advice you to stay at sanatorium on Issyk Kul Lake, there is quiet condition, swimming pool, beach.

And if you like you can get some medical treatment.

Or we have also quiet sanatorium and hotel Issyk Ata 70 kms from Bishkek.

If you like I can arrange transportation and make reservation.

Best regards.



Alex 3 years ago

Dear Tom,

I would recommend you go to Altyn-Arashan and bring a good book with you. I would also bring some extra food that you like to eat otherwise it will cost a lot. Altyn-Arashan is a valley near Karakol that has a few simple alpine huts with coal burning fireplaces inside. There is nothing special about the accommodation, but the views are really nice and this time of the year there should be very few people coming. The people running the guesthouse speak ok English and they will give you space to do what you wish. If you wish to go hiking for 1 day by yourself it’s an easy place to use as a base camp. And there are some nice hot springs too! It’s a 4-5 hour hike from Asku village near Karakol.

In general, it’s easy to get country the country by public bus and shared taxis. Guesthouses cost 12-18 dollars per night. This time of year, there is not so many tour groups in the mountains and it's a nice time to see the country a bit. I would not plan too much just show up and see what happens.




Ibraim 3 years ago


What about this camp in silent place in Issyk-Kul region close to Karakol town.



Ryan 3 years ago

Kyzyl Oi is a great area if you're on a budget and would like to stay with a local family. If you have a larger budget, then I recommend Ashu guesthouse.

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