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Looking for travel fellows: Nomadic / Cultural Trip

Hi everyone,
I'm Anisa from Malaysia. I'll be travelling to Kyrgyzstan to attend a 3 days study tour from 10 - 12 of October 2017. After the conclusion of my study tour, I will then have a free time between 13 - 16 October 2017 and will be flying back to Malaysia on 17.10.2017.

Hence, I am very much interested to explore Kyrgyzstan especially to experience the nomadic culture of the people here. I am a bit athletic -- so I can handle a bit of trekking or even horseridng (but not the extreme ones). I'm very much interested in staying in yurts!

To this, I would be very grateful if there is anyone that travels on that particular days as well to contact me. So that maybe we could exchange our plans or if your trips sounds more interesting; I'd be open to join you guys as well or etc.

Thank you so much. Hope to hear response from all of you.

  • Travel Month: October 2017

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Anisa 3 years ago

First of all, thank you so much to everyone that answered my question and being patient through all that. Secondly, I have just been informed that due to the upcoming election in Kyrgyzstan in October -- my study tour have to be rescheduled to be in December (or at a later date that still has not been confirmed yet). This is due to the fact that my study tour involves getting permit from the authorities (the SSEP in particular).


As such, I am terribly sorry if I have inconvenienced anyone in any way. Your replies and answers are very much appreciated.


Again, thank you so much to everyone that has contacted me. I deeply regret that I could not come to Kyrgyz much sooner


Gulmairam 3 years ago

Hello Anisa

You can drive to Toktogul. (I will tell you where to get a shared taxi to Toktogul. The price for the taxi will be 500 som per person)
D1(13): Drive to Toktogul. Rest. Hiking to the lake. Swimming if possible. Panorama
D2: Trekking to the mountains of Toktogul. Authentic view. Visiting the yurt construction centre. Exploration of the yurts
D3: Horse riding in the mountains near by village of Toktogul. 
D4(16):Driving back to Bishkek.

You can change the program according to your wishes.

THe price for the accommodation in Toktogul during your stay(4days) totally will be 50 $. Breakfast and dinner for the price is included. 
THe price for the horse riding will be 15$
THe price for the guide will be around 20$
The price for the taxi each side will be around 15$ both side

Toktogul is a new untouched destination. Very nice area. 

If you have any questions regarding Toktogul,
I will be happy to answer



Almaz 3 years ago

Hi Anisa,

Our team in October organise hiking and horse riding around Karakol city and you can go  to AltynArashan valley, Karakol national park for 2 or 3 days. 

Best Regards,



Aiperi 3 years ago

Hi Anisa,

My friend will join the group who will travel to three alpine lakes in the south part of Kyrgyzstan and I just want to recommend you to join the group.

If it will be suitable and interesting for you let mee know.

Warm regards,


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