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Question: Turkmenistan transit visa


I am Àngels Carbonell from Barcelona!

This october I am coming by flight to Iran from Barcelona. Then I want to visit Turkmenistan.
I want to get the Turkmenistan transit visa. I read that is it possible to get it in Iran. Do you have information about it? How many days do I need to wait to get it? The timetable of Turkmenistan embassy in Iran?
Or do you know if is it possible to start the process of the Turkmenistan transit visa before arriving? Do you have that service?
Really thanks a lot

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Guvanch 3 years ago

Dear Àngels Carbonell !

I think it takes 30 days to proceed transit visa for Turkmenistan like tourist visa for Turkmenistan. I suggest you to apply for tourist visa.

Best regards.


Chinara 3 years ago


we are dealing with touristic visas only,  you should contact to Turkmenistan embassy in your country (if you have), or in Iran.


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