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Question: How is travelling in Kyrgyzstan in Winter

Hi everyone,

I might be travelling to Kyrgyzstan during Winter time (in December). As such, can anyone be kindly enough to give some tips on what to wear, what kind of activities that I can do, which region in Kyrgyz that I can go and what to prepare etc.

It would helps me lots cause I kinda hate cold weather as I am not used to it :(  Further where I come from, Malaysia -- it is basically summer all year round haha.

Appreciate the help!

Kind regards,

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Alban 3 years ago

 Salam Anisa! December in Kyrgyzstan is pretty cold! But we have some skiing bases. Near capotal city Bishkek but most popular one is 400 kms away from Bishkek in city Karakol. That is really good! As for clothing all depends on what you want to do and what places u head. We have no trekking in winter. As for the temperature it varys lot in regions, places like naryn , atbashy the temperature can drop to -40. In Bishkek  the avarage one is about from -10 to 20.

Good luck!

Respectfully Alban


Marsbek 3 years ago

Hi  Anisa

In Issyk-Kul  area not very cold -10  - 15. I can organise tour around the lake. Visit Karakol skiing base. Waterfall in Barskoon. Visit nomad shepperds life, to see culture, horse back trek.

Regards Marsbek


Alban 3 years ago

Dear Gulmairam

Saying cold i was referring to naryn, atbashy regions so if u  ve been there u know what im sayung about!


Gulmairam 3 years ago

Hello Anisa,

normally in wintertime it is not so cold 0 to -20. But it depends on the regions, where you visit. But this year, I think it will be colder. It is already snowed in the mountains. So, I recommend you to take warm cloths. 

If you want you can visit Toktogul in Kyrgyzstan. It is a new not touristically populated area. You can do horse riding around our Toktogul reservoir. I am running a hostel in the city centre of Toktogul. You can stay in my accommodation. You can also do some mini trekking around the panoramic views of the lake. You will feel the culture of the local families. Our area is in the middle of Kyrgyzstan, and 900m above sea level. 

If you have any information I would be happy to assist you.



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