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Question: Day trip to Song Kol in April from Kyzart

Hi, I am visiting Kyrgyzstan in early April 2018.

I see that there are no Yurts around Song Kol in April so I understand I cannot stay there overnight. 

Is it possible to do a day trip from Kyzart instead? I will be in a group of 7 people. We really want to see this beautiful lake, and I will probably never be in Kyrgyzstan again, so if there is any way at least to see the lake for a few hours it would make me very happy. 


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Fabien 3 years ago


Yes it is definitely possible to ride horses to Son Kul lake and come back to Kyzart in one day. I can organize it for you. With a big group as yours, I could even organize to stay there overnight.

Feel free to PM me for more information.


A 3 years ago

HI Alastair 

I can orgonize trip to Song-Kul lake in april 2018 hore trek or hiking. Day trip is not enouh to the lake you will need 2 days trip with stay in a shepherds hut. You can massage on pm for more informations 

Kind regards 



Gulmairam 3 years ago


Normally it depends on the weather. If the winter is not difficult, so it is possible. 

I can easily help you in the organisation.

For your group I can also recommend you to do it yourself with the off-road 4WD jeeps. My uncle rents jeeps for only 50$ per day. I think it is the cheapest price in Kyrgyzstan. The cars are in a very good condition. 

Also I can help you with any information about Kyrgyzstan. And organise for you additional services, that could make your holiday unforgetable.

By the way, I am running a guest house in Toktogul, Kyrgyzstan. If you pass by my region, Do not hesitate to contact me. I would be very happy to guest you and meet you !

Waitning for your reply,


Adilet 3 years ago

You can't pass through pass in April 


Aibek 3 years ago

Hi my name is Aibek. I am from Bishkek. Yes it is possible. There are two way to go there in April one of the by car, second by horse riding. And all this I can organise if you want. 


Good luck

Sincerely Aibek.

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