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Looking for travel fellows: Almaty November 27-28.

Hi everyone! Anyone in Almaty between 27-28 november 2017? And Astana on 29-30? I would like to explore the Almaty region, and the city of Astana, and I wouldn't mind meeting fellow travelers. Nature and architecture are the key words for the two destinations. Thank you for reading!

  • Travel Month: November 2017

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Dmitriy 3 years ago

привет Томас Жду вас в Алмате


Daniyar 3 years ago

 Hi Tamas, 

I'm building fabulous tours for Astana and the Burabay region for November - December. Stay tuned for a breathtaking experience. 


Il'yas 3 years ago

Lets go to horse riding 


Dmitriy 3 years ago

 Hello, 27-28 in Almaty can provide their services..Big Almaty lake, lake Issyk, Turgen gorge, waterfall


Yerlan 3 years ago


Two days is good time.

We can spend a full day for Astana amd its new buildings/architecture. I suggest to visit buildings by Normann Foster, Renato Archetti first plus National museum. If we are quick enough we can visit National museum and few buildings of local architects.

As for nature, I suggest to go to Buranai natural reserve. It is natural oasis amid huge steppe land.

You can see some pictures and get general understanding of both tours at my profile and tours.




Igor 3 years ago

Hello, Tamas,

I can offer one day tour in the city of Almaty and a trip to Charyn canyon for the second day.




Il'yas 3 years ago


welcome to Astana 

what do you want to visit?

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