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Tour request: Kyrgyzstan Short Trip in December

FYI, This is the second time I post on here as initially my trip was supposed to be in October.

 So hi everyone again,
I'm Anisa from Malaysia. So now, it has been confirmed that I'll be travelling to Kyrgyzstan and looking forward to do tours/activities from 15 to 22 December 2017. For your information, I am scheduled to fly back to Malaysia around 8pm on Friday, the 22th.

Hence, I am very much interested to explore Kyrgyzstan especially to experience the nomadic culture of the people here.

To this, I would be very grateful if you guys could post your tour offers and what it includes (complete itinerary together with the meal plans etc) and how much it would cost me.

Hope to hear response from all of you.

Thank you.

Best, Anisa.

  • Travel Month: December 2017
  • Number of people: 1
  • Total Budget: $700.00

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