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Question: Voyage sur mesure en Mongolie pour deux amies francaises


je pars en Mongolie avec une amie entre le 3 juin et le 23 juin 2017.

nous voulons éviter les pièges à touristes. Approcher les chevaux Prewalski, suivre les traces de Gengis Kahn et voyager jusqu'à Irkoutsk sur un segment du transmongolien.

nous ne souhaitons pas nous joindre à un groupe.

nous voulons voyager dans un 4x4 japonais avec un guide compétent anglophone.

merci de votre réponse.

-------- TRANSLATION ---------

My friend a I are visiting Mongolia from June 3 until June 23, 2017.

We want to skip the touristic paths. We want to get close to Przwalski horses, follow Ghinggis Khan's path and travel to Irkutsk by the Transmongolian.

We don't wan to join a group.

We want to travel in 4x4 Japanese jeep with a knowledgeable and English speaking guide.

Thank you for your offers here.

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Monique 4 years ago


As mentioned in my previous message, we intend to get as close as possible to the Prewalski Horses, n'est follow Gengis Kahn's paths and lastly travel with the transmongolian to Irkoutsk.

Do you Have other suggestions ?

Best from

Monique & Valérie 


Munkhduulga 4 years ago

Hello there,

Which places do you want to travel. We can organize a trip regarding your wish and time. Also please visit my profile and check the offers. 

Good luck,




Zolzaya 4 years ago

Dear Monique, 


A warm greetings Mongolia. 

I work for an experienced tour company in Mongolia. 

And we have well orginized itinerary for this trip. If you are interested, please contact me. 

Best Regards, 




enkhtuvshin 4 years ago

Hello! Monique

im tuvshin, nice to meet you

i have a tourism company wich gives customers  great services and good impression

we are very firendly and we can do everything as you mentioned .

so if you want pls write answer for our letter right here

kind regards,



Monique 4 years ago


Thanks for your answer.

Can you give us the budget for two persons for the itinerary you propose.

What services do you provide ? I understand that you work with a driver and We travel in a Japanese four wheel car. Who does the cooking ? 

'And We want comfortable places to stay : what are your propositions ?


Monique & Valerie



Muugii & Team

Muugii & Team 4 years ago

Dear Monique and Valerie,

Thank you for your request on Indy-Guide. I tried to reply with my itinerary CHINGGIS KHAAN TRAIL AND KHUSTAI NATIONAL PARK /Przewalskii horse/. But itinerary is too long and there was an error when I send answer. That's why i couldn't display here. 


If you interest this itinerary, please contact me. I will send you detailed information and best price by message. 

I hope hear from you. 

Best regards,



Altanzaya 4 years ago

Hello Dear, 

I'm Zaya. Nice to meet you. 

We are one of the best travel agency in UB, Mongolia.

Can you tell me for how many days are you going to travel? 

Do you want to visit to only these 2 places more? 

Where, Which places would you like to visit? 

We have 4x4 Japnese Jeep and very well experienced English speaking tour guide. 

When you let me know these things then I'm going to introduce available itineraries to you. 

I'll try to organize best trip ever you had before. 

If you have any other question please just ask me. I'll be ready to help you. 

Looking forward 

Kind regards,


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