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Question: 3 week tours around Kazakhstan


Do you also have 3 week tours around Kazachstan?

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Islam 3 years ago

Hi Kirill!

Welcome to South Kazakhstan.I can organize amazing tour during 3 days around Shymkent on my own car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport .We can go to see Sairam,Turkestan and canyon Aksu.I can meet you in Taraz city will introducing Silk Road city and  best sightseeings of the South.I hope you can get stunning impressions from hystorical and natural sites.

See you.



Andrey 3 years ago

Good afternoon Karel!

Welcome to Kazakhstan!

Our country Kazakhstan has a very large and diversified territory, mountains, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts, lakes, rivers.

If you are planning to visit the city of Almaty and the Almaty region, then I can make for you an unforgettable tour of 7-10 days, as I am a professional guide with a personal powerful car and know the region very well.

If you write me a little about your trip to Kazakhstan, what kinds of holiday you prefer, then I can more accurately make an individual tour program for you taking into account all your wishes and include all possible sights in this region!

In the Almaty region you can go hiking in the mountains, climb mountains, rafting, cycling, sleeping in tents, living in a yurt, spending national food of the nomadic people, getting acquainted with traditions and customs, spending the night in a  guest house with Kazakh family...

Ride a horse, do a lot of day trips. To fish in the lakes and rivers.

I have a lot of experience in conducting active trips, as well as all the equipment for a campground and cooking food in the wild.

With all respect, Andrey!


Kirill 3 years ago


My name is Kirill! 

I can propose you next 19 days program! One comfortable, powerful car Toyota Land Cruiser 2009, one English speaking guide all you tour:

day 1: Start in Almaty, Nomads city visit and Ili river, rock paintings “Tanbalytas” and burial mounds Besshatyr in Altyn Emel National Park. Hotel stay

day 2: Seven-hundred years old willow visit, hiking in Aktau mountain, night in a tent, night barbecue and a lot of stars up your head.

day 3: Katutau mountains visit, hiking to a peak of Singing Dune, barbecue near Singing Dune, visit a spring with crystal clear water and unique stone steles “Oshaktas”. Hotel stay. Ssak's sauna.

day 4: Road and hiking to Burhan-Bulak waterfalls (the most highest waterffals in Kazakhstan) locate in Dzungarian Alatau, night barbecue and camp. It is a great place for a dialog with Nature.

day 5: Hiking in Dzungarian Alatau and road to Zharkent. Hotel stay

day 6: Zharkent city visit (mosque), walking in relic Ash Grove, Night in Hot springs near Chunza.

day 7: Three canyons visit (Charyn canyon, canyon Bestamak and Yellow “moon canyon” night in a tent in one's of canyons, barbecue.

day 8: Horse riding to amazing view to Issyk Kul Lake and Kaindy visiting, a local yurta staing, traditional home made food and kumys.

day 9: Hiking or horse riding to second Kolsay Lake, visit a Kolsay lake, a local yurta staing in Saty village.

day 10: Walking near Bartogai Lake and hiking to Red Rock camp near river with night barbecue.

day 11: Offroad picturesque road to platue Assy, abservatory and Issyk Lake visit, road to Almaty. Hotel stay

day 12: Almaty city tour, Medeo and Chimbulak resort visit, evening panorama in Kok-Tobe hills. Hotel stay

day 13: Tour to Big Almaty Lake with hiking to Tourist's peak or Falcon show. Hotel stay

day 14: Transfer to Taras via Peroglyphth of Tamgaly (Unesco) Hotel stay

day 15: Taraz city tour, visiting medieval mausoleums and historical spiritual places: Aisha Bibi, Karakhan Baba, Tek Turmas, Josef's Baths, archaeological excavations of Kone (Ancient) Taraz. Hotel stay

day 16: Shymkent city tour, transfer to ancient Sayram city. Visiting medieval mausoleums and local historical museum. Hotel Stay

day 17: Daytrip to canyon Aksu, Hotel stay

day 18: Otrar city visit, Turkistan, Visiting medieval mausoleums of Arystan Bab and Khodja Akhmed Yassevi. Hotel stay

day 19: come back road to Almaty. Visit a Kok-tobe hill with amazing view to the night city

of course you can add or change all program! Regards Kirill 


Kuanysh 3 years ago


welcome to West (wild) Qazaqstan!

we can offer traveling by 4 cities. start from Aqtobe-Oral(Uralsk)-Atyrau-Aqtau(Mangystau).

toyota land cruiser 200




Maksat 3 years ago


Sure you can. KZ is quite big so it could be divided by areas and discovered. For example some highlights to see Almaty region Tamgaly Tash, Charyn Canyons, Kolsai lakes, Altyn-Emel National park with singing dunes, Big Almaty Lake, Almaty city with its architecture, Astana 1 day city tour, Borovoe resort, Altai at North of Kazakhstan, Semipalatinsk nuclear testing field and museum of nuclear effects, Shymkent and Turkestan, Aral sea and ship cemetery, Aktau and Atyrau Kaspian sea and many other places. If you wanna see all of it it might be even not enough 3 weeks ))

I can help you with itinerary and car for such trip. Pm me if interested 

Would love to help.



Janar 3 years ago

Greetings of the day!

My name is Zhanar, I am a guide in Almaty and Kazakhstan. I can suggest you 3 week trip around country including Central, South and South East Kazakhstan. 1 week in every region.

Starting from Astana, coming to Almaty and ending up in Shymkent. If you are interested then I can send more detailed itinerary and cost. 

Hope to hear from you soon, 



Dildabek 3 years ago

Hello Karel, Welcome to Kazakhstan! Enjoy the history and nature here! I have experience of organizing and guiding myself on my own car and train more than two weeks tour around half country: Almaty and surroundings - South Kazakhstan (Shymkent, Taraz, Turkistan, Otyrar, Sayram) - Astana including Burabay national park and lakes). My tour includes historical part, as well as nature: hiking in the mountains, home stay in Kazakh family in the village). You can see some of them in my profile on Indy Guide and see also the reviews of the guests. Regards, Dildabek


Nadejda 3 years ago

Hallo Karel !

we have worked in tourism 15 years

we can organized beatiful tour around Almaty region only. With rafting, hors riding, haking and wild nature experience.

we have own raft camping on  river near Charyn Canyons, Singing dunes and Colsay lakes   

Best regards !


kuralay 3 years ago

Hi, I'm a local tour guide, let me know if you are coming to Astana. You can get more information on my profile


Sergey 3 years ago

Good afternoon. Without problems, you can have a three-week tour. Describe your wishes and dates. Number of participants. And I will develop the route individually for you. I will answer all questions. Best regards, Sergei.


Il'yas 3 years ago

Hello my name is Ilyas 

and i can organized for you tour through silk way road 


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