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Question: Multipe E-Visas to Tajikistan

I am an American tourist and I plan to visit the Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan and I need a multiple entry Tajikstan visa.

Can I just get two E-Visas with GBAO so I have a way in and out?

I know it might be paying a little more money but I won't have to go through the hassle of trying to get a multiple entry visa. Thanks!

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Alovaddin 3 years ago

Hi Kevin,

I agree that i should be easier to get two visas instead of applying on visa.gov.tj. I have seen some discussions about getting two visas on Lonely Planet forum. you may check it out whether they went for it and how did it go. Otherwise, i just don't see any problem of getting new ones.
By the way, keep me updated about your trip to Wakhan Corridor. We have a group of tourists who are interested to travel there this summer, so you could join us too if dates match.


Ibrahim 2 years ago

Hi Kevin,

The best option (I think) is to apply for 2 single visas. The second e-visa you should apply before heading to Afghanistan and after getting  an Afghan visa (if there will be instability in Afghanistan  you might not get it). By the way, Afghan visa for the US passport holders costs around $200-$250 USD.

Good luck!



Kevin 1 years ago

Hey I ended up changing my trip and so I never went to Tajikistan.  Good luck!


Romel 1 years ago

Hi Kevin,

Just wondering what you did regarding your multiple visa.. did you obtain 2 single entry visas before entering Tajikistan? Or did you apply for the second one once you entered Tajikistan? 

dralex 3 years ago

Dear Friend you can do this, no problem but please note the Pamir GbAo is restricted area for foregners and you should get police permission to visit or cross it before reaching there.What is first poibt of reaching? Afgan? May be you can get it there.But when you will cross Pamit trafic police definatly will ask permission

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