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Question: 3 months visa for Uzbekistan

Looking for a 3 months visa for Uzbekistan. Just to have time, being retired, will visit with my wife.

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Aziz 3 years ago

Dear if you are need B2 visa we will do it 175$ per person. 

Have a nice day


Bobosher 3 years ago

Hello !

I would like to help you with 3 Month business visa for $200 per person 

Please contact me for further discussion 

thank you


Anvar 3 years ago

Hi. We can arrange 3 months visa for 200$ per person. 


Aziz 3 years ago

Hi would like to offer you 1month tourist visa or 3months business visa(3months visa is called business visa in our country)

1month visa 75usd per person

3months business visa will cost 420usd per person


Aziz 3 years ago

Good day dear. 

Usually Tourist Visa will be maximum for 30 days. Not available 3 months tourist visa. 


Joze 3 years ago


Where are you from?

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