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Question: Kyrgyz-Tajik Crossing

 I wanted to ask if you think travelling in Kyrgystan and Tajikistan is doable in winter. I know it is but what do you think? Any chance to cross border between those countries in December? Bishek to Batken-Dushanbe. Perhaps close to border with Afghanistan

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Sergey 4 years ago

Good morning!

In December we have a lot of snow in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The route goes several times via 3 000 m mountain passes, sometimes they even closed be snow.

The views will be amazing as along the way there are a lot of mountains. Just keep in mind that in our countries government does not take too much care about road condition. It is slippery. So, just do not make too long transfers every day to keep slow speed driving. Plus find a very good experienced driver. And keep 1-2 days as extra for cases if the road is blocked by snow completely and you need to wait until government clean it.

I would suggest this route:
Day 1: Bishkek
Day 2: Bishkek – Issyk Kul – Cholpon Ata
Day 3: Cholpon Ata – Karakol
Day 4: Karakol – Bishkek
Day 5: Bishkek – Toktogul
Day 6: Toktogul – Osh
Day 7: Osh – Tajik border – Khujand
Day 8: Khujand – Dushanbe
Day 9: Dushanbe
Day 10: Flight

If you need visa support to Tajikistan, car rent with driver, accommodation booking – we will be glad to help you! 


Iskender 4 years ago


It is a great thing to do but not really recommended doing particuarly during winter time. Some stuggle doing it even in summer. Mostly, during late spring, summer and fall is really okay to cross. 

Winter in those areas is very severe. Just if you feel your experience can enable you doing so, OK. 



Saidali 3 years ago

Hi there.

it is possible in desember through Pamir High way M41 to Bishkek. Through Pamir high way will be amazing Adveture. I guaranteed for you bring from Osh to Dushanbe. Please do it. If is amazing trip for you. Which is close ti Afghanistan. 

my recommendations is below.

1 day arrive in Bishkek sightseeing in Bishkek and evening flight to Osh. Overnight in Hotel

2 day morning sightseeing in Osh until lunch. After lunch drive to Sary Mogol village nice views of Lenin peak. Overnight in home stay.

3 day morning drive from Sary Mogol to Murghab over the pass Kysyl Art 4200 m. Through Kara kul lake than Akbaytal pass 4654 m Overnight in Home stay

4 day drive from Murghab to Jarty gumbez hot spring hunting camp. On the way photo safari Marko- Polo sheep, snow leopard, wolf, fox, overnight hunting  camp and hot swimming pool

5 day drive from Jarty Gumbez through Gunt valley to Jilandy hot further to Khorog. Overnight in hotel.

6 day drive from Khorog to Khlaikum along the panj river , other sight of the river huge Afghanistan. Overnight in hotel

7 day driver from Khalikum to Dushanbe through kulob town over the pass Shurabad 3500 m. Overnight in hotel

8 day morning drive to Dushanbe airpor ( it depends of your flight). Fly to motherland 


Kubanych 4 years ago

It all depends on the weather, if there is no snow at this time in Anzob pass, you can go to the end of a jeep. But if the road is closed, it is necessary from Khujand to Dushanbe on the plane!


Kubanych 4 years ago

Hello, you can cross the border at any time. You can also arrange a jeep tour to Khujand Tazhikistan from Kyrgyzstan. But the only thing you can not see letny landscape :)

1 day

Meeting at the airport of Osh  city

Checking -in to the hotel.

City tour, showing  the Silk Road Museum, Sulaiman mountain and Osh market.

Day 2

 Leave to  Kyrgyz-Ata, allocation in tents.

Park "Kyrgyz-Ata" was founded in 1992. It is considered to be the hallmark of the south of Kyrgyzstan: here the unique juniper forests of particular ecological value and fauna are protected from people. For those who want to organize some types of park trips such as hiking, horseback riding and autotours. Guides lead tourists to the canyon, show forestry, arboretum, right out of the gorge where there are juniper trees, drive along the narrow mountain paths.
Day 3

Leave to Abshir –Ata allocation in tents.

Hiking to the unusual waterfall  and canyoning. Showing local flora and fauna.

Day 4

Drive to Batken. On the road show reserve/park Aigul Tash. Walk around the park. Accommodation in a guest house in Batken.

The most famous and unique place of Batken region - is, of course, the Mountain Aigul-Tash. It is famous for the fact that there is a unprecedented beauty fiery of red flower Aigul. It blooms only once a year, in April, and the blossoming period lasts about two weeks. Rocky mountain, literally strewn with bright colors, is an amazing view that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. That is why it is worth to come here, from so far away. 

 Day 5 

Check in Khujand Tajikistan. Accommodation at the hotel. A walk through the old town.

 Day 6

Check in Zarafshan Valley. Accommodation in guest house. Walk around the lake Iskander Kul, showing the holy places.

 Day 7

 Check in Dushanbe. Accommodation.

 Day 8 Flight back.


Alexey 4 years ago

Well,on December it's doable. From Batten. This area never have lot's of snow.  Just Need strong vehicle and reliable driver


Witold 4 years ago

Thank you for your reply. I understand the risks. I just wanted to know if it's doable. What parts of both countries would be easier? 




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