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Question: Driver Azerbaijan to Georgia ride

Hi there,

I am starting to plan a trip to Azerbaijan and Georgia and would like to know if it's possible for a local driver to make a trip from Azerbaijan to Georgia easly?

Or if we need to have 2 different drivers, one on each side?

It would be in particular for Shaki to Tbilissi.


Best regards

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Kamran 1 years ago

Dear friend 

i can take you all distonations in Azerbaijan and Georgia.
We can talk about trip program and prices.


Vadim 2 years ago

Pretty sure you could find all the info you need, but:

Driver can pass the border with no problem if he owns the car or the "power of attorney". So, you better check with the driver or a tour company if they will take you to Georgia.

Shaki-Kish can never be 1,5 hours, it's 15-20 minutes.

Like Zhala said, you better review your stops. It's weird to go to Shaki first, then Gakh, back to Lahij and to Georgia.

At the end of this February Nissan Micra following me managed to get to Lahij. I was on nore powerful car, but still it was a sedan. And a year ago on 25-th of February I couldn't reach Kish on my 4x4 car on worn tyres because of ice on the road :) So, all depends on your travel dates :)


Zhala 2 years ago

Dear Arthur, 

Shaki - Kish- distance is 1,5 hours

Kish - Qakh- 2 hours 15 minutes

Qakh - Lahıc- 2 hours max.

Lahıc - Balakən then Georgia (Sighnaghi i.e.)- about 3 hours 

P.S. I suggest you to go to Lahij first, because it is on the way. Then Sheki-Kish, then Qakh and at least Balaken. It will be easier for than to have circuling among them.

Yes, some of taxi compaines can take you. But it is better  to have 4x4 vehicule. It ups to you. 


Arthur 2 years ago

Thank you for the answer that could be conveniant.

Do you have an idea of driving time between thoses places:

Shaki - Kish

Kish - Qakh

Qakh - Lahıc

Lahıc - Balakən then Georgia (Sighnaghi i.e.)


And last point, is any local taxi is capable of doing this or do we need a 4x4 vehicule? 



Zhala 2 years ago


Yes, it is possible. Driver can take you to Tbilisi or till the Georgian border if you wish. 

Best Regards,

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