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Question: Can provide me some info on World Nomad Games 2018 trip

We would like to visit World Nomad games 2018 (are the dates already known?), potentially to combine with a few days bishkek and a few days around Osh

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Begaly 3 years ago

Unfortunately exact date of 3rd WNG 2018 is not approved yet. 

Locations will be gorge Kyrchyn, hippodrome and Gazprom sportcomplex.


Galina 2 years ago

Hello Nico.

We have officially received permission to promote the World Nomad Games 2018 and will have tickets for ceremony. However,  the tickets are not on sale and the official prices have not yet been established. We expect information after June 15. We can help you to buy tickets, we also have 10 / 6 / 3 day tours to the World Nomad Games. Would you be interested? Please send a private message.


Ati 3 years ago

The dates of for World Nomad Games have not been confirmed yet. But we expect it to be from September 3rd - 8th.

Also see this list of Festivals in Kyrgzystan - it will be updated as soon as the dates are confirmed.

This question was also asked here.


Ababakir 3 years ago


World nomad games are opening of September 2


Aiperi 3 years ago


Yes, it was said that the games will be held on 8 september.

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