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Question: Ice festival mongolia


i am interested to book this tour, But are the flights still available? I undertsand there is only a weekly flight.

What would be the timing in and out of UB?


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ariuuna 3 years ago

dear pierre, you can joint our group to the icefestival. we start 1. narch and coming back 5.march. we do not choose the plane we go by bus. toe price will be around 530 incl. accomudation / foo / entry frr. Let me know if you are interessted.

best regards ariuna


pierre 3 years ago

Yes please. What is the cost for the flight? Which other services are you providing ?


pierre 3 years ago

  1. Thanks both. Please advise when price and availability for flight on Hunnu Air on 2md and 4th are known. Thanks 

Jess & Team

Jess & Team 3 years ago

Hi Pierre,

There is a scheduled domestic flight on February 25th from Ulaanbaatar to Murun with domestic airline AeroMongolia. However, the next available scheduled domestic RETURN flight isn't until March 11th although it is only a three-day drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Otherwise, there is a chartered flight operated between the Mongolian Tourism Association and the domestic airline Hunnu Air. This is on March 2nd and returns on March 4th. The price and times have not been confirmed yet.

I hope this is of help. Jess


Tilyek 3 years ago


If you want I can help you on this, there is only one flight which  straight goes to Ice Fest from UB on the 2nd March and flies back on the 4th March. Very few tickets left and if you are interested, please contact me! I also can give you any other services, 

All the best,


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