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Question: Return through Bartang valley?

Roads have been improved, I have read. Also in the Bartang Valley?

I would like to drive the Pamir Highway up to Karakul (with Wakhan corridor) and back to Dushanbe through the alternative way of Bartang Valley. Is it possible?

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Khudoguy 3 years ago

The best time for driving through Bartang valley is August - September. At that time the level of river gets lower. Would recommend you to start by Bartang valley to Karakul and back via Wakhan. That way you can get information from locals about situation of the road where are not any habitants.


Miskola 3 years ago

Hi, Nina! 

Make sure you have enough gas for Bartang Valley. As there is no gas station and very hard to find fuel and if you find it, the price will be almost twice the standard. 

I drove through Bartang  late october in 2016 with my Toyota Rav4 (2008) though many drivers doubted that I would ever make it. The most scary part is Kok-Jar pass. Make sure you car is high enough as big stones after Ghudara towards Karakul village can cause you a problem. 

I call Bartang Misterious Valley, but it really worth to see, make sure you visit Barchadif, Roshorv village with the only juniper tree. Autumn is the most beautiful time to visit. Various colors...And of course Marco Polo sheeps are around. 



Turat 3 years ago

Hello Nina your route is very good and interesting. Yes, from Dushanbe through the Pamir Highway of Kara-Kul Lake and back through Bartang Valley in Dushanbe, I like this route, if you want I can conduct this your tour.


Jamal 3 years ago

September is the time to travel to Bartang and in general in the Pamirs, the beauty is unbeatable.


Saidbek 3 years ago

Bartang always problematic , even in Summer time , if the Summer will be hot in that areas then the road can easily get close because of Bartang river,,,

dralex 3 years ago

It is depend of time (season). If you like to come here at  winter, then  no  garranty. Any time road can be closed for unlimited time (from  couple days to  couple weeks). Only After April  you can  travel  with  garranty of safety  and success.

So we will manage for you driver, car  and if neede-  guide and hotel  also.



Cristina 3 years ago

thanks for yr reply. yes, I am planning for August, still thinking about the itinerary (Istaravshan maybe from Iskander Kul?)

I asked about Bartang valley as I have seen an italian tour operator proposing a 'walk' thru the valley from village to village with the cars 'following' the group with the baggage and with tired tourists. 

Again, thanks,


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