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Question: Tajikistan itinerary and duration

I am trying to figure out the number of days before I buy the flight tickets, this is my itinerary (unfortunately no treks, maybe some very easy walks on flat ground, which I think is somewhat rare in Pamir... so sightseeing and people and shrines ...)

Dushanbe a couple of days for the museums, bazaar

Iskander Kul and Fann Mountains day trip from Dushanbe

Pamir Highway up to Kara Kul through Wakhan corridor (I would say the classic Wakhan, the two lakes, the springs...)

Back to Dushanbe via Bartang Valley: A guide here suggested to do the opposite, why should it make any difference the way we decide to drive thru Bartang?

Approx 15 days? Considering that I am not going to trek?

Thanks for help


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Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 3 years ago

Hi Nina,


Regarding your idea of driving to Bartang for a short village visit, in fact, many travelers do it this way. Khijez and Jizew villages are the most popular. As for mosquitoes in Madyan, I believe they are not there all the time, and appear in July and August, the drivers will know better. Also, Alichur is not a Jailoo, it's actually a small town just like Murgab but in a wider valley.

Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 3 years ago

Hi Nina, 

15, maybe 16 days is perfect for what you have planned. You will have to spend two days in Dushanbe upon your arrival and maybe departure, so you will have 14 days left, out of which I would suggest spending 10 days for Pamir Highway and 4 days in Fann mountains. Not really sure whether coming back from Bartang or the other way will make any difference, however, if your guide says so, there must be some logic. I suggest starting with Fann mountains and then continuing to Pamirs, what I recommend in Pamir is to hiking to Jizev village either on the way or back to Bartang, and spending 2 days in Wakhan, maybe in Yamg and Langar villages. 

Hope you will have a great trip!


Saidbek 3 years ago

Hi , 

In General 15 days is fine to do Fan trip & combine it with classical Pamir trip , regarding Bartang should be check in advance with locals ,,,

2/3days for Wakhan is fine in case if you not interested in hiking , 

Highlight for eastern Pamir  (Bulunkul , Alichor , Bashgumbaz Murgab , Madiyan , Pshart & Qarakul ),

best wishes , 


Cristina 3 years ago

Really thanks a lot for all your feed-back.

September is unfortunately no option, therefore I am deciding to give up the idea of coming back from Karakul via Bartang Valley, it seems really too risky...

Option 2: I suppose the nicest part of the Bartang Valley is near Khorog? Maybe just to drive until a nice village just to have an idea of the landscape? Is this idea possible?

Actually I do not mind coming back to Dushanbe, a part of the route will in every case be different (back not via Wakhan but normal M41) 

For Wakhan Valley I mean also hotsprings and the little villages mentioned in a post

Maydan Valley is a side valley with two lakes? With lots of mosquitoes as I read?

And Alichur is a jailoo?




Turat 3 years ago

Dear Cristina. your route is good, but a bit of a problem. In the months of May and June, the Tanimas pass in Bartang will also be closed with snow and ice if you arrive in the middle of July and August, the Bartang River rises and it is not possible which places to drive by car. Therefore, I advise you, on your route, September is a good option.                                                       Best regards, Turat.

Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 3 years ago

Hi Nina,

Adding a couple of days more will definitely make the trip better, giving you extra time in case of unexpected circumstances and a possibility to explore more places. Also, I would suggest you try out our hot springs if you have problems with your knees. Garmchashma, Jelondy, Bibi Fatima near Yamchun fortress and Sherali's hot spring in Zong village, all are unique, rich in minerals and have healing properties. 




Cristina 3 years ago


I would love to hike to Jigev I have read it is very nice but I am afraid my knies cannot. 

I have already visited Uzbekistan some years ago, with the exception of Ferghana Valley

ok probably I have understood the suggestion wrong, the return from Karakul down to Khorog is easier

I have considered that a couple of days more could be better for any problems

Thanks a lot again 



Turat 3 years ago

Hello Cristina. I am a Pamir Highway driver, I have been working with tourists for over 15 years. Your route is a very interesting route for me, too, like. From Dushanbe Lake Iskandarkul and Mount Fann and back Dushanbe and Pamir Highway Vakhan Valley and the eastern Pamir Lake Karakul and back through Bartang Valley back to Dushanbe for 15 days is a good route. If you want to write, will I arrange a tour for you ?. Best regards, Turat.


Shamil 3 years ago

your route is beautiful, it covers almost the whole of Tajikistan and is quite feasible, but there are two small additions. 1) you must start the tour from Khujand 2). You must finish the tour in Osh if you agree with these additions, I can offer you a great and interesting tour for 16 daysyour route is beautiful, it covers almost the whole of Tajikistan and is quite feasible, but there are two small additions. 1) you must start the tour from Khujand 2). You must finish the tour in Osh if you agree with these additions, I can offer you a great and interesting tour for 16 days



Ikhom 3 years ago

Dear Cristina, if you are ready to allocate 15 days for your trip, I recommend you a combined tour of Tajikistan Uzbekistan, I think that 15 days is very much for your program and including your journey the ancient cities of Uzbekistan Samarkand, Bukhara your journey will be more full of interesting unforgettable.

You can fly to Dushanbe and take off from Tashkent.

If you are interested I can design a tour for you under your flight



Alovaddin 3 years ago

If you are going to take the old road from Karakul to Bartang then your guide is right. There is a tough uphill that 4wd cars can not drive up from Bartang side. So they drive downhill from Karakul side. If you are taking M41 then there should not be a difference.

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