Question: Boysun bahori spring festival in 2018 ?

Boysun bahori is a spring festival in Baysun that seemed to have been popular years ago but I can only find one company offering a tour there this year, 2018. There is no reference to it in the Festival & Events page on this site. Is Boysun bahori on in 2018 &, if so, is it worthwhile attending ?

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Beck 1 years ago

Hi Ross,

The festival “Boysun Bahori” will be held in Surkhandarya region this year in April. The festival was first organized in the early 2000s and has been interrupted for a while. Boysun is a folklore center of all Uzbekistan and the festival serves for demonstrating the folklore heritage of the region. If this is what you want to see then it is worth visiting.

Very possibly the “limited variety of activities” is the main reason why most of the tour operators don’t include it to their tours. But if you have enough time and if you want to enjoy the local dances, music and food all around you can go there and we can assist you in organizing a private tour to the festival.

Instead, if your travel period is flexible I would suggest you 2 other festivals:

1.       Navruz – to enjoy local dances, music, traditional food and Buzkashi game

2.       Festival of Silk & Spices – to experience local dances, music, culinary and crafts master classes,mountains of silk & spices from all Central Asia in old Bukhara.

      Best regards



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