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Question: Is it okay if I am traveling alone in Kazakhstan?

I would like to go on a tour, but I am traveling by myself. Could I still do it ? 

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Darkhan 2 years ago

Absolutely yes ! Traveling by yourself only is even more interesting I think, because you will see and you will have kind reception by local people trying to help you:) 


Kirill 2 years ago


off course, you can travel alone in Kazakhstan. It’s very safely country. Also you can take a private tour our have a group tour from Almaty.

Regards Kirill 


Arman 2 years ago

Yes, sure. I think it is better to travel on Kazakhstan territory when it's warm, say, since April. I would recommend to start in South Kazakhstan then move to Norh-Eastern direction. Just my opinion :)


Rahat 2 years ago

Sure, Loredana, it is safe enough here in Kazakhstan for travelling alone. Most of our guests from Europe travel alone.


Islam 2 years ago

Welcome Loredana to warm Kazakhstan!Even travel alone.



Nadejda 2 years ago


Of course yes!

It is absolutely safety for you, but little expensive ! 

Best regards, Nadejda! 


Yerlan 2 years ago

Yes, sure.

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