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Question: Visiting Kyrgyzstan in May


My boyfriend and I are planning to visit Kyrgyzstan in May. We are big fans of trekking. However, we saw that the mountains are often covered at this period of the year. Is it the case for every mountain? If it is not, what are the most beautiful hike at this period of the year ? We are planning to visit Bischek, Karakol, and go in the south after. 

Thank you very much, Amélie

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Alban 3 years ago

Hello Amelie!

It depends on the dates actually, some years by the end of may the key touristic places are open already,  however the lake Sonkul probably will be closed. Some trekking are also not good at may but if it is the end may be will be ok. Little trekks at the south shire of the lake are ok no matter  it is may or april, i refer such places like Jety-Oguz, Barskoon valley, Skazka etc. The thing to point out is that may and june are my favorite monthes cos you can see all the mountains colors, the contrast of snow with the green grass etc. It worht coming. 

If You guys wanna book organized trip itinerary i will be happy to help you out! Feel free to contact me here and stay safe!

Regards Alban


Izzat 3 years ago

Good day, Dear Amelia

Thank you for your interisting. The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan end of May to September. 

If you have any suggestion or question, let me know. I am only be glad to help you

With best regards,


Marsbek 3 years ago


I'm professional guide and driver for Kyrgyzstan. Best time to trekking in Mountain in KG from May still September and every mountain is available.

Have a good trekking.

Regards Marsbek 


Ilichbek 3 years ago

Bonjour Amélie,

Oui, c,est vrai qu'en général les montagnes sont couvertes de neige à cette période. Sinon une très bonne période est juillet-août. 

Bonne journée,


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