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Question: Central Mongolia tour available for single traveller?

Can you tell me if the Central Mongolia 5 day tour is available for a single traveller,  I will arrive in Ulaanbaatur mid June 

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Murray 2 years ago

Hi Malcolm,

My wife and I own a Guesthouse Cafe Bakery Tourism business based in central Mongolia, in Arkhangai.  We'd be very happy to arrange a custom tour for you out this way.  We offer horse trekking, mountain-bike hire and tours, and have some exceptional hiking available right on our doorstep.  We can arrange homestays with nomadic families, visits to the local hot springs etc.   This central region is our homebase, and playground!

While having a private driver gives you great flexibiltiy to visit places of interest enroute from UB, if your budget is limited we can arrange transport via public bus from UB which keeps the costs right down, and then you can enjoy your time doing activities in this beautiful central region.  While we cannot guarantee it, we may also be able to partner you up with another traveller or two for some activities, and you can then share costs.

Contact me if you are interested to find out more. 

Regards, Murray


Minjin 2 years ago

Hello Malcolm

Central Mongolia trip for 5 days including all accomodation 935$ for single person. This price will lower if there are other people to join. If you wish I will send you the itinerary. 

hope will hear from you,

Regards, Minjin

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