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Question: Activity in Karakol

My plan is below in April 2018:
2nd: heading to Karakol
3rd: ski
4th: horse riding/yurt in Issyk kuk lake
5th: Altyn-Arashan
6th: back to Bishkek

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Alex 3 years ago

Dear Shih Min,

I hope his message greats you well.  I lived in Karakol for 1.5 years and I know the mountains near Karakol very well.  There is really countless things to see and do in the area.  The time of year is not always the best though.  Durring the month of April it's not really possible to ski at the Karakol ski base.  It will close on the 25th of March this year.  

Altyn-Arashan is always a great trip! It's ~5 hours up and ~4 hours down.  It's worth spending the night for sure!  

Horseback riding near Karakol is always fun for 1 day.  It's also possible to hire horses to bring you to Altyn-Arashan for a bit more fun! 

Take a look at my blog post about Karakol: https://indy-guide.com/en/articles/top-11111-things-to-do-in-karakol-as-a-backpacker

If you need any help planning your trip to Kyrgyzstan or any help with finding the right tour let me know how I can help you! 



Marsbek 3 years ago


My name is Marsbek.  I am a professional guide and driver for Kyrgyzstan.  I can organize your tour in Karakol and Altyn Arashan.

Regards Marsbek 

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