Question: Transportation in Uzbekistan

Hi, we need a car or van with driver and guide from Samarkanda 27 April ( we arrive wih Afrosiolab in the morning) until 2 may Urgench.

 27 & 28 april Samarcanda

29 april Samarcanda - Shakhrizabs - Bukhara

30 april Bukhara

1 may Bukhara - Khiva

2 may Khiva - Urgench for fly late in the evening


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Nigina 1 years ago

hi Alessandra, 

We have a Minibus (8 Seats) staying in Samarkand on 27.04. 

We could offer you our services for 70 USD per day and a guide with 50 USD per working day. with reduction in Samarkand.

Total amount would be 350+300 = 650 USD. You will get also one dinner from our company in any city  you want :)

All the bests,  Nigina


Beck 1 years ago

 Hi Alessandra,

Please have a look at our rates:

Trip from Samarkand to Khiva with a private driver and guide for 2 travelers in sedan type car : 720 USD . Besides if you are 3 travelers I can propose a trip with Guide with own car service for the same price.

Trip from Samarkand to Khiva with a private guide and driver for 3-5 travelers in Mini bus Hyundai Grand Starex: 894 USD



Aziz 1 years ago

Good evening dears, hope you are well. We will give you (for 1 or 2 persons) Lacetti Chevrolet (attach file you can see Lacetti Chevrolet) or Cobalt with driver and guide. Transport and Guide services price will be 880 $. If we will give to your group minibus (for 3 - 5 persons), price will be 1220 $. 

Have a nice day 


Aziz 1 years ago

Total of your tour days are 6.

Can offer my services for 300 USD

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