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Question: Is it possible go to Konorchek Cany: One day trekking

Hi I wanna go to this trekking tour on 20 th of March. Is that ordenized tour in this period?


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Alex 3 years ago

Dear Anita,

It's very easy and a lot of fun to go to the Grand Canyon of Kyrgyzstan the Konorcheck Canyon.  It's a ~2 hour drive one way from the center of Bishkek and you can enjoy a 1 hour hike up to the top and 1 to 2 hours trekking around and then 1 hour to come down and then ~2 hours to come back to Bishkek. It's a nice one day tour.  Make sure to bring lots of sun cream and water! It's a hot and dry plan even in March! 

You can take a look at my offers on my page as well maybe I could be your guide / driver for this tour. 



serhiopower 3 years ago

Hi Anita.

Recently I was there, all is good.

If you need a personal driver/guide, apply.


Sabina 3 years ago

yes, possible.


Begaly 3 years ago

Hi, hope you are doing well!

Its possible to organize a one day trip to Konerchek canyons! If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me anytime, will be pleased to help you out. 

Have a nice day! 


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