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Question: Do you know anything about the Tien Shan Astronomical Observ


Do you know anything about the Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory?

Thank you for your answers below.

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Dildabek 3 years ago


Hi, everybody,

Re question on Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory I know some general information. This is fully state owned scientific institution and belongs to Astrophysical Institute after V.G. Fesenkov.  Observatory itself is located near Almaty city, about 30 km, very close to Big Almaty Lake and Ile Alatau National Park.  It is quite high in the mountains (2750 m asl). 
You could reach Observatory by full drive vehicle; asphalt road is in good condition.  If heavy snow in the mountains, could be problematic to reach by car. But most of the time you can walk there; about 3-4 hours from entrance of the National Park.  
Actually, it is not tourist object, it is old working Soviet Observatory with scientific equipment.  There are some specialists working there every time.  Very old equipment and poorly financed by the State. Two big radio telescopes, lenses made by German Karl Zeiss company. There is a legend that one of the captured telescopes was a gift of Hitler to Duce Mussolini during WW2.   
There is also small guest house on the territory of Observatory with very modest conditions. If you have connections you can come and be there as a guest. Down the road there is a border guard post and barrier.  So, if you go there by vehicle, you should be sure that your name is on the border post to come to Observatory.


Dinmukhamed 3 years ago

located above big almaty lake, gotta do appointment before you go to see cosmos


Sergey 3 years ago

In Almaty, there are three observatories. 1 Big Lake Alma-Ata. 2 Kamensky plateau. 3 in the Assy plateau. What exactly are you interested in?

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