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Question: Bus from Bishkek to Almaty


I'll arrive in Bishkek at the end of April, and I have to go from the capital to Almaty, in Kazakhstan. 

Which is the best option for a ride between the two cities?

Buses from the western bus station are still available? 


Many thanks 

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A 3 years ago

Hi Ricardo

Yeah you will find some minibuses from Bishkek to Almaty at western bus station.

Best rgrds



Raika 3 years ago

In western station you can find shared taxies, minibuses and buses. 


Ahmet 3 years ago

Hi Ricardo,

Buses and minibuses are still delivering services. However, I'd recommend using minibus as it would be faster to reach Bishkek. 


Ryan 3 years ago

Hi Ricardo,

Yes, buses are still there for Almaty.


Ilyas 3 years ago

Buses and minibuses available and not expensive 


Zhumakadyr 3 years ago

Hello Ricardo,

Yes, these busses are still available, and you can travel with them.


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