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Question: Good day trips from Tashkent?

I will be in Tashkent from July 20-23 and would like to take a day trip somewhere in Uzbekistan. I know it’s possible to go to Samarkand, but I would like to know where else I can go for one day.



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Nigina 2 years ago

Hi Dylan, 

You can do following tours

-go to Charvak Area ( Chimgan Mountains), 

-make Golf 

-take a flight to Urgench( one day tour - Khiva Tour)

-take a train to Bukhara or to Samarkand

-if you have double entry visa you can go to Turkistan ( Kazakhstan)

OUr suggestion is of course : visit Samarkand

the train cost up 12 *2 = 24USd per person round trip , Guided Tour  30 USD, Entry fees 25 USD per person, Car 30 USd, Taxi up 10 USD


Toychiev 2 years ago

Dylan, I stongly recommend you visit Khorasm, Khiva. Its historical and beautiful city. I'm sure it will be interesting for you! 

If you have a questions feel free to contact me! 

Dr. Abdurahim 


Bobosher 2 years ago

Please see my profile.

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