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Question: Bishkek/Almaty bus and border crossing


I have to reach Almaty from Bishkek. 

The best option is the mini bus from Bishkek Western bus station, right?

I have some questions:

1) "Mini bus" and "shared taxi" are two different things, right? 

2) Is there a Mini Bus every hour from the Western Bus station? The tickets could be bought on board? 

3) Is there the possibility of being dropped - during the border controls - and left in the middle of nowhere? I heard that sometimes the bus driver is not waiting for the people dropped for the border controls. If it happens, should I wait the next mini bus? Or should I use a taxi?

Many thanks 

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Ahmet 3 years ago


There are number of options, minibus is a convenient one. There is always a minibus at the station, usually you do not buy tickets, you pay directly to the driver. Of course the driver won't drop you at the border control, he will wait unless you got stopped by customs control for hours. But the fastest option is to hire taxi, you can book online, use google search. 

You will start moving from Almaty station only when the minibus will be full of 16-18 passengers. This might take some time. 

Good luck! 

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