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Question: Buzkashi in Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan

Hi guys,

We were hoping to be able to visit a Buzkashi game during our stay in Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan. We are currently in Dushanbe (March 26) and will be travelling along the Pamir Highway in the coming weeks. Does anybody know whether we can see Buzkashi, when and where?



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Raika 2 years ago

Here we call this games "Kok Boru". This game has some difference.


Sherali 2 years ago

Hello Jord I know a place  where you are able to see the buzkashi if you like I can organize for you. As you said you will be in dushanbe on 26.

Best regards sherali 


Shamil 2 years ago

the opportunity to see this game during your journey can be seen in Kyrgyzstan. Or arrange for you specifically, of course the prize will be exhibited by you


Khushruz 2 years ago

Hello Jord!

I do not khow currently anything about the requested event, I suggest you to find on this Indy guide website Mr. Sharaf. This is not inside trading or somethiung else related to an advertisement. This is just I know that guy can get you any intel you request.

Have a nice day!


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