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Question: Tashkent to Samarkhand trip price

Price of day trip for 2 people from Tashkent hotel located in city to Samarkand n back to Tashkent hotel on 30 th June..including lunch n sightseeing..in bullet train.

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Bobosher 4 years ago


Thank you for question...

Price of day trip to Samarkand is $120 USD ($60 USD per pax )


-02 transfers (return) to Tashkent Central Train Station 

-Return train tickets to Samarkand (bullet train)

-01 Lunch in Samarkand restaurant

-Transportation in Samarkand for all sightseeing

Thanks and Regards,



Aziz 4 years ago

Hello dear, 

07.00 Transfer to the train station.

08:00-10:10 Train to Samarkand. 0.5L water to be given each passenger. Drive to city center to visit (outside): Gur-Emir mausoleum, visit Registan square for photo stop - Madrassah Ulugbek, Madrassah Sherdor, and Madrassah Tilla-Kori. Transfer to Local Restaurant for the lunch. Continue the tour in Samarkand: Shakhi-Zinda complex and shopping at Siyab national Market, and Bibikhanum mosquee. Observatory Ulugbek and Mausoleum Danel Prophet.

17:00 transfer to Samarkand Train Station

18:00-20:10 high speed train to Tashkent. Transfer to your hotel for fresh & up.

Total price for 2 people 185 $

Include; Transfer from Tashkent Hotel-Railway station-Hotel, Two way (Afrasiyob train economy class) billet train, transport and guide service in Samarkand city, entrance fees for monuments, lunch at Restorant "Platan".

have a good day.



Sanjar 4 years ago

Local time
07:00 30.06.2016
Local time
09:08 30.06.2016
bullet train Seat 1  price from 30 USD to 55 USD (from 50000 to 97000 UZS)
Local time
18:00 30.06.2016
20:10 30.06.2016
bullet train Seat 1  price from 30 USD to 55 USD (from 50000 to 97000 UZS)


shalini 4 years ago

 I would like to book..what's d procedure. For booking.. ...n train timings pls..as I have flight back  same day..

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